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by admin on September 17, 2009

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STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Condition Zero:Counter Strike Source.

Many Times we happen to encounter this STEAM validation rejected error message which is very annoying so here i am trying to provide the best possible solutions known to me.

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Possible Solutions for STEAM validation rejected Counter-Strike: Source: Condition Zero:

1. Something messed up the Steam App ID so change it accordingly.
Change the App ID as the application ID’s have changed with the protocol 48 update:


a)Go to the mod folder within your HLDS installation,
b)Create a text file steam_appid.txt.
c)Inside the text file, punch in the number for the new Steam application ID. Just a number. Nothing else.

List of new app ID’s

Half-Life Deathmatch and GoldSrc 3rd Party Mods (valve, ns, svencoop, and others): 70
Counter-Strike 1.6 (cstrike): 10
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (czero): 80
Day of Defeat 1.3 (dod): 30
Deathmatch Classic (dmc): 40
Opposing Force Deathmatch (gearbox): 50
Ricochet (ricochet): 60
Team Fortress Classic (tfc): 20

2.IF you are using a patch to correct this error and doesnot own the game legally you must get the Original Game first first and then Update it (Best legal Solution so far for STEAM validation rejected error). and please dont expect to give you some patch to stop the error as it deals with the login validation details.

3.IN Mod folder try changing file name ClientRegistry.Blob to ClientRegistryOld.blob.

4. Have you tried changing the value of ” sv_lan 0 ” to “sv_lan 1″ in console… ? if not try it..  :-)

Hope this should have resolved your steam validation rejected problem. Any comments ? Team

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