How To Bunny Hop bunny in Counter Strike 1.6/Counter Strike Source/Condition Zero

by admin on February 3, 2013

How to Do Bunny Hop in Counter Strike !

Keyboard Steps:

  • Move forward by pressing “W” key for initial momentum.
  • now Unpress/RELEASE the ‘w’ key press the strafe key (D or A) and move your mouse in the direction of the strafe (ie: if ‘A’ move mouse left in a little arc or if ‘D’ move mouse right by say 30 degrees) + JUMP (spacebar)
  • This will cause a forward curved jump , in the left or right direction( Now on you must not use W key to move forward).
  • When your just about to land after the first jump, hit the opposite strafe key and curve your mouse in the same direction of your strafe and hit jump EXACTLY when you land after the first jump. Doing this a little too early or little too late will cut the bunny hop
  • IF You got the timing and mouse movement (synchronised)right you will quickly move forward faster, and you will need to repeat Steps 2 to 4 repeatedly.
  • Watch the video below to make thing more clear.

Script method

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  • Download hop.cfg and place it inside “cstrike” folder of your conterstrike installtion location.
  • run your game , open console window, type “exec hop.cfg”
  • use mouse scroll wheel to do bunny hop.


  • Create a new file hop.cfg inside HDD:\HLDS\cstrike folder (e.g. D:\cs\cstrike)


HDD —-> drive in which you have installed counterstrike

HLDS —-> name of your installation drictory

cstrike —-> this folder is where your all maps,sounds etc resides.

  • Add these lines (shown below) into it

bind “mouse3″ “+hop”
alias -hop “alias _special”
alias +hop “alias _special @hop;@hop”
alias @hop “special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump”

Note:generally mouse3 is the scrollwheel (middle button) of your mouse , alternatively you can also use “mouse4″ inplace of “mouse3″ if you have more buttons on you mouse , like i have Razer Copperhead.

  • open config.cfg in notepad (located in HDD:\HLDS\cstrike folder) and in the end of file add this line (shown below):

exec hop.cfg

  • Now start your hl.exe i.e counterstrike game, hop.cfg will be executed at every game start.
  • While you play just rotate scrollwheel (middle button) to perform bunny hop , also change your mouse direction at the same time.

Happy Bunny Hopping !

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