Counter strike fatal error 5899 …Error 5899: Metadata file missing or damaged [-1]!. Solved

by admin on December 11, 2009

Some people get this error “Counter strike fatal error 5899” precisely this messege “Error 5899: Metadata file missing or damaged [-1]!” so I’ll try to ease their problem

!”]Error 5899: Metadata file missing or damaged [-1]!Here is the solution

1. Download the file and extract it in same folder where hlds.exe or cstrike.exe or hl.exe file is there.

Yeah now you can play normally otherwise follow step two

2.  Right Click on cstrike.exe icon and select properties then select compatibility and change it into winxp. This should solve the problem else follow step 3.

3. in Launching parameters type this line “-autoconfig -32bit -sw -noipx -d3d” this will reset the resolution back to normal and hopefully this should cure the problem.

Just in case none of these works then Ask me again… !

4. Basically its a video problem so you can delete config.cfg file located in cstrike folder and when you launch hl.exe or cstrike.exe make sure to choose openGL or D3D option and apply the settings.

This should help

or Try This  ( Thanks to IMSOASE )

Just got to run and type in “regedit”, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software ->Valve. All you have to do is delete this Valve thing, ONLY THIS, nothing else!

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